Welcome to Miyakawa clinic !

Hi, everyone ! Welcome to my homepage !

My name is Zenjiro Miyakawa, I am a Japanese medical  doctor (GP).
I was born in 1959 and now live in Aichi prefecture, central area of Japan.

I opened my clinic 18 years ago and now I'm very much grateful to many supporters.This site is going to give you the information of Miyakawa  clinc.

my purpuse

Prevention and early diagnosis of disease are very important for your health.
This page can  give you a chance to make your first step of medication and get a second doctor's opinion.
 Many people  have consulted me with their gynecologic or  urologic  problems by email since 1997 .
Consultation by email is free. Why don't you give me your email ?

On-line prescription

This clinic may be a pioneer of on-line prescrption clinic in Japan. I started to send some medicine for helping many patients in 1999.
14 years later, I can belive on-line prescription is going to be a new standard of next generation in the 21st century all over the world.

For women

1)Birth control : 13 low-dose contraceptive pills are now prescribed in my clinic.
If you want to use contraceptive pills, please send  your email to miyakawa@na.rim.or.jp.
When you are a beginner of contraception, I recommend you some trial medicine.
In the case of repeater, you might save time and money by on-line prescription.
The cost of contraceptive pills are all \2,500 for one cycle, especially Ange 21 and other 4 pills are just \2,000 ! Both the transportation cost and email consultation fee with doctor are \ 0 ! When you have any question in your cotraceptive menstruation cycle, please email me ! I can answer your question as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of a business day.

2)Diagnosis of pregancy : ultrasound test can show your intrauterine gestasional sac.If you have unintended pregnancy, you can choose  induced abortion legally within 21 weeks in Japan. 

3)Cancer screening:uterine cancer, ovarial cancer and breast cancer.
I provide HPV test (HPV means Human Papilloma Virus that is the cause of genital wart and now thought to be a remarkable risk factor of uterine cervial cancer)

4)Medical treatment of myoma and  endometriosis. I recommend low-dose contraceptive pills for the treatment of endomeriosis rather than Gn-RH analogue.

5)Hormonal replacement therapy(HRT) of climacteric disorders.

For men

1)Diagnosis & treatment of sexually transmitted disease(STD) :
If you have any infection of your urogenital tract and need medication,
please send  your email to miyakawa@na.rim.or.jp.

2)Operation of phimosis : If you want to remove off your foreskin, please email me !
Don't missed the photos of fine circumcision.

3)ED(Erectile Dysfunction) : Viagra, Levitra & Cialis are prescribed in my clinic.
If you can't see a doctor for a couple of reasons, please answer the question form of this web site and send it to me. If you have no serious medical problems, you can get these medicine by on-line prescription.

4)Operation of seminal duct ligation : If you want no more children,
Pipe-cut(seminal duct ligation) makes you infertile.

Thank you for vistting ! I wish your happy days !

This site contains Pat's Web graphics.
I  aprreciate  very much all the kindness of Mrs.Pat.
If you are interested in  this page,
please come back again a few  months later.
I'm going to make a new version....

See you again next version !

Meitetsu Express
stops at Kashiwamori station.
only 19 minutes from Nagoya
Why don't you come to
Miyakawa clinic?

Please send your email to miyakawa@na.rim.or.jp

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